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Every purchase + 400% MORE! [May 25 - 28]

Posted On: May. 24, 2015



Event Duration

May 25 - 28 ONLY Server Time (GMT-5)

Bonus I: Instant win up to a 400% Cash Bonus

Purchase any amount of Cash during the event period through any payment method and receive 400% more cash from your original purchase!

For example, if you bought 5,000 Cash (excluding the Bonus Cash) during the event period, you’ll get 20,000 additional bonus Cash for a grand total of 25,000 - IMMEDIATELY!!!



Bonus II: Lucky Draw – Different prizes at every draw!

How to qualify: Buy 3000+ Cash (excluding bonus Cash) through our HD version to qualify. [Click here to make your purchase and join in the fun!]
Prize: Gildos Satchel (E)*10
Note: Prize redemption page will be announced on May 15. Please redeem your rewards at after event has ended. 

Rewards for this event DO NOT stack! You’ll only receive the highest Bonus Cash amount for which you’ve qualified.