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Thanksgiving Giveaway! [Nov 27 - 28]

Posted On: Nov. 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Giveaway
Event Period:  Nov 27 - 28  Server Time (GMT-5)
Thanksgiving is almost here and that means it’s time for a parade of events! This year, we’re giving away 4,000 Card Box A, 2 million Blessing Points, 100 Grade A Pets, and 20,000 Pet Eggs for free! Come claim yours now!  
Visit the event page to grab your rewards during the event! Double-check the redemption times to make sure you get the reward you want.

Free Item List

Limit per userid

Redemption time

Card Box A*4000


Nov 27  20:00 (GMT-5)



Nov 27 20:00 (GMT-5)

Jabberwock Pet Egg*20000


Nov 28 20:00 (GMT-5)

[Blessing Soul 1,000]*2000


Nov 28 20:00 (GMT-5)

The items listed are completely free for this event. No purchase necessary. Supplies are limited and issued on a first come, first serve basis. Click the link below to visit the event page.

NOTE: Buy 3,000 Cash [excludes Bonus Cash] during the event for a chance to participate in a special event filled with Pets, Grade S cards, and other incredible rewards for as low as 1 Coupon! Don’t miss out!